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The Loc-Line System from ModularHose.com is the original modular pipe system. First introduced in 1983, it is used around the world in hundreds of applications. The tapered skirt design of Loc-Line allows full articulation of the ball without cutting off any flow as do round skirt designs.

Loc-Line is known worldwide as being the best modular pipe system because of its quality, selection, and design.

  • Loc-Line's unique ball and socket design is fully hand adjustable in both position and length.
  • Bending doesn't decrease the inside diameter and it won't kink or fatigue like copper tubing.
  • Unlike metal hoses, Loc-Line won't damage machine tool cutters if contact occurs.
  • Loc-Line is electrically non-conductive and is ideal for use as an EDM flushing hose.
  • Loc-Line has no internal positioning rod that can break or restrict flow.
  • Repeated positioning is easy and it will stay in position without any spring back. Creep due to machine vibration is eliminated.
  • Loc-Line is manufactured with a premium grade acetal copolymer material which is chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants, and most common chemicals. Selected parts are also available in an acid resistant polyester version.
  • Loc-Line is safe for aquarium use.

Line Pressure & Flow Rates:

1/4" System: 30-50 PSI; 250 gallons per hour

1/2" System: 20-30 PSI; 478 gallons per hour

3/4" System: 10-20 PSI; 1,140 gallons per hour

Temperature Specifications:

Melting Point: 329°F

Max Operating Temperature: 170°F

Please note that all applications have variables and conditions that will affect the maximum hose pressures. Testing is always recommended whenever possible.

Caution: Loc-Line is made from an acetal copolymer. This material is not fire retardant and would pose a fire hazard if the material is subjected to an application where high temperatures or flames exist.

The ModularHose catalog is available for PDF download.


The Loc-Line 1/4" ID System is ideal for, "like a zillion" applications. Being the smallest system size that Loc-Line manufactures at 1/4" inside diameter (outside diameter .64"), it is well suited for lower flow rates.

Line Pressure & Flow Rates:
1/4" System: 30-50 PSI
250 gallons per hour


The Loc-Line 1/2" ID System is a great middle of the road solution. It's not too big and it's not too small. It's inside diameter of 1/2" (.98" outside diameter) offers increased flow rates and still offers a wide variety of connectors and nozzles.

Line Pressure & Flow Rates:
1/2" System: 20-30 PSI
478 gallons per hour


The Loc-Line 3/4" ID System is the granddaddy of fluid delivery. For maximum flow rates the 3/4" inside diameter (1.23" outside diameter) will do the trick. The 3/4" Loc-Line also is popular pulling double duty in other applications such as positioning switches for someone in a wheel chair or holding a paint board in paintless dent repair. It is also a popular solution for photo/video holding small lights or a miniature camera as seen on NBC's fear factor and American Gladiator. I know, pretty sweet!

Line Pressure & Flow Rates:
1/2" System: 10-20 PSI
1,140 gallons per hour


Whoa-Nelly!!! The super sized Loc-Line 2.5" hose is designed to be added to an existing central vacuum system to extract smoke, dust, fumes, and particles at the source. It is easy to position within a work area and can be mounted to PVC or sheet metal, a portable shop vacuum, or create your own connection and use the 2.5" fixed mount. It has also been used for blowing air as well.

Create a custom vacuum hose by changing the length or using a different nozzle. Pop together the appropriate number of elements and choose the nozzle best suited for your application.

  • Hand adjustable in 360°
  • Simple to reposition. It is self-supporting up to 3 feet so it stays where you put it.
  • Durable - will not fray and is resistant to crushing
  • Made of premium grade acetal copolymer and is resistant to most chemicals
  • Tight turns are easy with a bending radius of 5.75"
  • Available in anti-static version and is perfect for applications that require rapid dissipation of static build-up.


Automotive and Lighting

Paintless Dent removal is made easier using Loc-Line 3/4" hose and shield parts. Popular with a fixed mount attached to a suction cup.

The Snake Light Flexible Flashlight by Black and Decker utilizes a patented Loc-Line design that resists popping apart.

Aquariums & Diving

Used in aquariums for return lines to direct flow

Great for underwater uses, including equipment mounting for diving applications

Personal Product Design

The Flexible Shower Massage by Teledyne Water Pik combines a patented Loc-Line design with the Shower Massage to position the head to any height.

The Fog Free Mirror by ShowerTek allows the user to adjust the mirror for the best view.


ModularHose.com tablet solutions for wheelchairs, tables, desks, and more.

The Loc-Line system offers a fixed mount that easily attaches to a clamp for dozens of different applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have Loc-Line, how do I tell what size I have?

Loc-Line sizes are measured by the inside diameter at it's smallest point. You can also check the drawings above or the ones located on each system page to help determine what you have.

Q: Do I need the assembly pliers? Can they assemble and disassemble?

The pliers are designed for assembly but are not required to assemble the Loc-Line parts together. The pliers are recommended because they make assembly work quick and easy. Without the pliers, there is no real "trick" to getting them assembled, it is a matter of force. Assembly can be made easier by first rubbing the Loc-Line ball with your fingers and then snapping them together. The pliers will disassemble the Loc-Line in the 1/4"ID and 1/2"ID system but not the 3/4"ID system.

Q: Is Loc-Line water proof or leak-proof?

No. Loc-Line is designed to be leak resistant but it is not leak proof.

Q: Is Loc-Line safe for food contact?

The material used to manufacture Loc-Line is an acetal copolymer. This material, in accordance to the rules 21 CFR 177.2470, meets the requirements of this regulation for aqueous food contact. Not applicable for fatty foods and alcohol. All colorants are used at the recommended let-down ratio and meet 21 CFR 178-3297 for food contact.

Q: Is Loc-Line safe for aquariums.

Yes the material used is safe for aquariums.

Q: What is Loc-Line made out of?

Loc-Line is manufactured with a premium grade acetal copolymer material which is chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants, and most common chemicals.

Q: How much weight can Loc-Line hold?

A common question but no answer. Generally, the larger the system size the more weight it can hold. There are a variety of variables that affect the Loc-Line including temperature, angle, and weight distribution. Due to these variables we cannot answer the question and recommend that you test your application.

Q: What sort of crazy names have you heard Loc-Line being called?

There is only one Loc-Line, but some people don't know it by it's true name. Some have referred to it as flexible conduit, gooseneck hose, caterpillar hose, ModulaHose, crazy bumpy-line, LineLoc, LinkLoc, LockLine, Lockable Line, snap hose, snap-together line, and "that Lego looking" hose. You buy enough of it - you can call it whatever you want!

Q: If I have a question or an application that wasn't covered here, where can I get more information?

If you've got a good idea of what you want to use Loc-Line for, but our Learning Center hasn't covered your use-case, reach out and we'll be happy to provide insight and recommendations. Visit our Contact Page to get in touch.